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The Great Gatsby

I first read Gatsby by accident, when I was twenty-four, late one night at the end of my second year in graduate school, the night before I left to spend… Read more »

Parade’s End

              Winston Churchill described the Victorian Age, which ended, not with the death of Queen Victoria, but in l914 with the First World War, as a time when “the world belonged… Read more »

The Dark Backward Q & A

Q: After reading The Dark Backward, I’m tempted to say it is like Harry Potter meets Perry Mason, a mystical fantasy combined with a courtroom thriller, but let’s begin at the… Read more »

D.W. Buffa is on Kindle

The following books are available as e-books on the Kindle and other e-book readers: The Last Man, The Dark Backward, The Swindlers, Evangeline, Breach of Trust, Star Witness, The Legacy, The… Read more »