“Lawrence Alexander” was a Senate aide and has been involved in numerous political campaigns, both presidential and gubernatorial. He has taught at several universities and practiced law for a number of years.

Lawrence Alexander is also a pen name, behind which D.W. Buffa secretly penned Rubicon. His cover was blown fairly quickly by an observant fan, and is now common knowledge. Buffa’s writing style rings clearly through Alexander’s prose and apparently cannot be disguised even by an alter ego; with this in mind, we decided to add the novel by ‘Lawrence Alexander’ to this website.

A Novel of Suspense…

It could happen…

Bobby Hart, an idealistic young senator from California, thinks that he’s escaped the political spotlight when he decides not to run for president. Then, on a secret mission to Germany, he discovers that there is going to be an assassination. He doesn’t know who is the target, who is behind the plan, or where it will take place. All he knows is that it will happen before the election. And that it operates under the code name “Rubicon”. Rubicon, Hart remembers, is the river Caesar crossed with his army when he decided to seize power in Rome. For Caesar it meant that there was no turning back for a republic on its way to becoming an empire. But crossing the Rubicon meant the beginning of an era in Rome. Could it mean the end of something else today? As events pile up before the predicted attack, it becomes clear that “Rubicon” isn’t just about the election. It’s a plot to steal the country.

Now Hart is in a race against time to find out who is behind the conspiracy and how to stop it before it’s too late and democracy in America is changed forever. A blistering indictment of our current political climate, Rubicon is an intelligent, action-packed thriller that will change the way readers think about the next election.


“Every American of voting age should read this book.”


“Entertaining…gets off to a fast start.”

— Publishers Weekly

“The basic question to which this entire book boils down to is this – To what limit can Executive power extend to? And for how long, before usurping the very Democracy it’s supposed to protect?

…While it is fiction, there’s no doubt Lawrence Alexander knows how to weave enough facts with the fictional aspects to render a book which makes for very intriguing reading…”

— Rashmi, A Book Bloggers Diary