The 45th

What if a political party in disarray turned to a man to lead them with no political background?

What if a country torn apart by ideology turned to a man whose charisma belied a complete lack of governing experience?
What if a country elected a President based not on qualifications, but on hope?

Would this man lead the country into a new era of fortune and prosperity? Or would he lead them into total and complete chaos?

D.W. Buffa has proven himself as one of the absolute best political writers working today, and in THE 45TH he creates a work of compelling fiction that’s as timely as this morning’s news. THE 45TH will leave you breathless, enraged, and unable to forget it once the last page is turned.


In his latest novel—a departure from his usual thriller fare—Buffa offers an alternate take on the 2016 election, asking some provocative questions about the body politic. The story starts off looking like a bit of retrospective wish fulfillment: a man who is the perfect candidate suddenly appears at the Republican convention and gives a speech that ignites hope and excitement in the attendees. Julian Drake is considered too liberal by conservatives and too conservative by liberals, but, somehow, landing right in the middle, he becomes the Republican candidate for president. Soon he shocks everyone by being open and honest in every aspect of his campaign, especially in what he sees as the future for America and how he will be able to make it better. And then . . . well, things start going wrong in a big way. Buffa offers a probing critique of our current political system and does so in the process of creating a compelling drama. Many readers will find themselves drawn to the characters and wishing they weren’t fictional. Ah, but be wary of where the story goes.

— Booklist