The Legacy

A Legal Thriller…

The Legacy finds Joseph Antonelli in San Francisco, defending a young man accused of shooting and killing Jeremy Fullerton, a United States senator, in the front seat of his car in an apparently random act of street violence. But the suspect is not some street punk with a revolving door, repeat offender history; he is a Berkeley pre-med student who is beating the odds and working his way through school. The case against Antonelli’s client, however, seems airtight.

When Antonelli begins to probe a little deeper into his case, he attracts attention from individuals who will do anything to ensure that their secrets remain secret. In fact, if he’s not careful, Antonellii discovers that he may end up the next victim.

The story unfolds through a series of unexpected twists and turns, leaving you, as always, completely surprised by the outcome.


“Fascinating… D.W. Buffa continues to show great intelligence and erudition. There’s nobody else like him.”

— San Jose Mercury News

“The Whois in the Whodunit rolls out tantalizingly….
Bottom line: Add it to your docket.”

— People Magazine

“D.W. Buffa excels at describing the courtroom tactics of his smart, thoughtful protagonist–he’s more of a pro than most other writers of legal thrillers–and he’s a deft hand with pacing, too. Fans of Grisham and Turow who haven’t yet made Buffa’s acquaintance are in for a very satisfying read.”

— Jane Adams