Star Witness


A Legal Thriller…

Star Witness is about a man on trial for murder – a man recognized as one of the film industry’s most successful writers/directors, one of almost mythic drive and talent, and one who looks more guilty with every passing witness. Attorney Joseph Antonelli – suave, philosophical, fearless, and cagey – takes up the director’s defense for the murder of his wife, the actress every woman wants to be and every man wants to possess. Despite Antonelli’s flawless examination of the prosecution’s witnesses, the jury finds few reasons to doubt.

Then the director shows Antonelli his masterpiece script, a re-imagining of Citizen Kane with a visionary film director as its hero. In this story-within-a-story, the accused reveals his version of the tragedy… the secrets of his marriage, and the ominous events that led to his wife’s death. In it we see how art can imitate life… and unmask a killer.

Star Witness
 is a breath-taking novel about the nature of fame and the ever-confusing intersection of truth and fantasy.


“…this ambitious book offers many pleasures as it plays with our obsessions with celebrities and the movies. Its solution will keep you guessing right up to the last page, and perhaps even beyond.”

— Nicholas H. Allison, Amazon

“There’s nobody else like Buffa.”

— San Jose Mercury News