The Swindlers

A Fatal Triangle of Deception…

They had everything anyone could want – money, power, fame and influence – but none of it was enough.  They had to have more.

Nelson St. James, one of the world’s richest men, is accused of a massive fraud, stealing billions from innocent investors.  Before he can be brought to justice he is murdered on his yacht.  His young wife, Danielle, whose face has been on the cover of every major fashion magazine, is charged with the crime.  One of the best-known lawyers in the country, Andrew Morrison, agrees to defend her, but only after she reminds him of certain things she knows about him, things that had happened between them a long time before.

Morrison agrees to take the case, but when she tells him what happened the night her husband died he does not believe her.  So she tells him something else instead.  The story keeps changing, and the more it changes, the more entangled Morrison becomes.  The trial comes to a stunning conclusion, and it is only then that the real story unravels and Andrew Morrison comes face to face not just with the truth — but with himself.

Three people, brought together in a fatal triangle of murder and deception; three people who swindle each other, and then swindle themselves.  The Swindlers will leave you guessing until the final page.